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Our Inspiraions

“An average teacher explains, a good teacher demonstrates and a great teacher inpires.”

From the Desk Of Director

Hello Friends,
One day, I was searching a topic of class 10th Maharashtra Board mathematics and I came to know that there was no channel specially meant for Maharashtra Board students. I found some e-Learning companies channels, and they had the demo classes, demo videos on YouTube and they were asking students to buy CDs and DVDs.
My journey began from a small YouTube channel that I named Pawan Wagh Academy Google Ads Agentur. Here I want to share something. When I started my YouTube channel, I had only 10 views over the first 10 days. I used to show my channel to different people and students, that time I was working behind the screens, which means I was preparing videos based on presentation and that is why the growth was very slow. But I did not give up. I kept uploading videos every week.One fine day I decided to come in front of the camera and I started recording videos with my smartphone. I learnt editing and with the help of that smartphone, I reached till 40k subscribers, today the number has increased we will be reaching towards 100K subscribers soon.
I could achieve this because I was working with full dedication. Today also I am working with full dedication and tomorrow also I will work with full dedication and this will bring a revolutionary change in the education sector. This happened happened because today there are so many channels that are working for Maharashtra Board students and really I am very happy about it.

Dear students, whatever I am today is because of your love and support. You people have made me famous. Today each and every student of class 10th Maharashtra Board knows me, and it is only because of you people. Today I am very happy, that my channel has more subscribers and I am reaching out to all the needy students partner Buch schreiben lassen who cannot afford classes, those who do not have money for the tuition. All such students are watching and learning from home. One day a panipuriwala called me and said I do not have money for the tuition class for my son but because of you, he is learning and scoring good marks. That’s my biggest inspiration!
Thank you very much for your support partner Ghostwriter Bachelorarbeit Kosten and love. Keep watching and keep learning.
My aim is very clear, and that is:
Making Mathematics Simple and Interesting
YouTube Channel – Pawan Wagh Aademy. Partner die wolldecke

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