Best of Five System for Class 10th Maharashtra board Students

There are main 6 subjects in class 10th Maharashtra Board, they are English, Marathi, Hindi or Sanskrit , mathematics (includes math 1 and Math ), science which includes science 1 and Science 2 and Social studies.

The board consider 5 top subjects in which student score more marks and then the percentage of the student is calculated. For example a student scores in

Marathi 90

Hindi 90

English 89

Mathematics (I + II) 100

Science(I+II)  95

Social Studies 70

In the above case first five subjects having more marks and in social science student scored the lowest marks so while calculating the percentage of the student first five subjects will be taken and percentage will be calculated.

Most of the students feel that best of five scheme or system has been changed by board but there is no such year about changing in this system. So this here it is also available best of 5 system is available this year.