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Why do make silly mistakes in exam?

Our exam results depend on our attitude before exam. Some students are very good in studies but before exam they feel tensed and because of this tension their results come down. During examination they make silly mistakes and this results lower marks in Exam.
How should we behave during examination? What should be our planning? Why do we afraid with the exam?

You will get answers of all these questions here.
We afraid before the exam because we feel that we did not prepare wholeheartedly, if there is 0.001% fear in your brain for the exam, you will never score out of Marks. If you want to score out of marks you need to be positive, you need to be confident enough. You are thinking process decides your attitude during examination. While entering in the room if you feel tensed, then you will definitely make lots of mistakes in the examination. You need to enter in exam hall with full confidence and full enthusiasm there should be feeling in a brain that I have put my heart and soul, the whole year I studied wholeheartedly, I have practiced enough for the examination and this will definitely help me in the exam. I will definitely score out of marks.

Try to follow following points.
1. Believe in yourself .
2. Do not bring any negative thought.
3. Try to revise properly.
4. Keep your confidence level high.
5. Always be positive not only for this exam but also for the whole life.
6. If you believe in God, then leave everything on him. But remember  “God helps those who help themselves.”
7. Meditation will definitely help you.                                                                                                                                                      8.  Always believe on our Karma. Because Karma is in our hand.

Follow all the points which I have mentioned above, first you have to fight with yourself and you have to beat your here then only you can score out of marks. If you are unable to beat your fear then you can never show out of marks. I hope this article will help you to bring necessary changes in your attitude which will help you to score good marks.
Best of luck for the exam